Norceca Ch W (Nebraska) – Day I, results and comments

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16-09-13 USA-MEXPool A

Dominicana – CostaRica 3-0 (25-13, 25-6, 25-20) STAT

Dominican Republic Captain Bethania de La Cruz: “We started slow at the beginning, but then we got into a rhythm. It was a great way to start out the tournament. We have seen Costa Rica plenty of times in different tournaments. But it’s good to see them again and they did put up a fight.”

Dominican Republic Coach Marcos Kwiek: “I’m happy with the win. It’s about getting more points. The first set was a little rough. We made a lot of mistakes. We tried to clean things up and just win.”

Costa Rica Captain Angela Willis: “Compared to other tournaments that we have had and other games that we have played against the Dominican, I think we did good today. We were a little better in the defense and the passing. Of course we are very anxious and we want to do more than we can do right now. We need to practice a lot to be at their level.”

Costa Rica Coach Horacio Nestor: “I wish we could have played them closer. We did in the first and third set, but in the second we struggled. I’m not happy with that. It’s always tough (when a player is injured) because the players are worried about it and keep looking outside the court to see how the setter is doing.”


Pool B

Usa – Messico 3-0 (25-9, 25-12, 25-11) STAT

U.S. Captain Kristin Hildebrand: “I thought we did a good job. We served really well, passed well and ran a fast offense. I thought a lot of people came off the bench and made great contributions.”

U.S. Coach Karch Kiraly: “It’s nice to be home. We’ve barely been home two weeks from World Grand Prix. Tonight, all 12 players we brought here made nice contributions against a feisty and spunky Mexican team. I love how (Mexico) never gave up. They pursued a lot of balls on defense that other teams might not have been able to get over the net.

Mexico Captain Dulce Carranza: “We knew the U.S. had a strong serving team. We made a lot of errors in serve receive we need to improve on that to be competitive.”

Mexico Coach Claudio Torres: “It’s very tough to defend against the U.S. serving. We couldn’t get our offense going because of serve receive errors. We have to be better at serve receive.”


Pool C

PortoRico – Santa Lucia 3-0 ( 25-8, 25-15, 25-12) STAT 

Puerto Rico Captain Yarimar Rosa: “We were excited to play the first game of the tournament. I think in the second set we lost our focus. I think we underestimated them a little bit so we weren’t playing our best. That’s something that we have to get better at.”

Puerto Rico Coach Jose Mieles: “We had a lot of errors. We have to play hard regardless of who we are playing. We have to play our own level of volleyball.”

St. Lucia Captain Natalie Edward: “This is like nothing we have ever experienced, playing at this level. We are just trying to take it all in and play our best.”

St. Lucia Coach Florian Combie: “I thought we were a bit nervous. It’s our first journey to this level of tournament. As we gain experience I think our fear will diminish.”


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