Norceca: vincono gli Usa. Kelly Murphy MVP

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21-09-13-USA-DOMGli Usa vincono i Norceca qualificandosi alla Gran Champions Cup battendo la Dominicana per 3-1(25-19, 26-24, 21-25, 25-19). PortoRico vince il bronzo  vincendo per 3-0 (25-23, 25-16, 25-16) contro il Canada.

U.S. Coach Karch Kiraly: “(In the fourth set) we were struggling a little and needed a little bit of energy. We brought Christa Harmotto in off the bench. The first thing she did is get us a put-away and then she had a huge block and all of a sudden we were back in it. We were going after points again instead of waiting for those points to happen on their own. Kristin Hildebrand had a great serving streak. She was applying lots of pressure at the service line just the way we want her to. Jordan took some huge swings down the stretch. I’m proud of this group. Every one of these athletes made a meaningful, significant and critical contribution this week.”

U.S. Captain Kristin Hildebrand: “We practice every day serving tough serves on the court. (During the fourth set serving run) I was just doing the same thing I always do when I go back to the end line.  I was surrounded by a great group of girls that were doing a great job with blocking defense and allowed me to keep serving. The Dominican is a great team. They have a lot of talented girls. Great jumpers and a libero that digs a lot of balls.”

Dominican Republic Captain Bethania de La Cruz: “The United States is a great team and they made adjustments that we were not able to match. On the third set we were able to follow our plan of attack to the fullest. But we weren’t able to carry that over to the fourth set.”

Dominican Republic Coach Marcos Kwiek: “We came out here and played our hearts out against a strong USA team. We are a young team and we were glad to be in the final. Overall, we will take it as a learning experience to be able to compete next time.”


2013 Visit Omaha NORCECA Women’s Continental Championship Individual Awards

MVP: Kelly Murphy (United States)

Best Scorer: Karina Ocasio (Puerto Rico)

Best Spiker: Kelly Murphy (United States)

Best Setter: Alisha Glass (United States)

Best Blocker: Sinead Jack (Trinidad & Tobago)

Best Server: Jordan Larson-Burbach (United States)

Best Digger: Brenda Castillo (Dominican Republic)

Best Receiver: Debora Seilhamer (Puerto Rico)

Best Libero: Janie Guimond (Canada)

2013 Visit Omaha NORCECA Women’s Continental Championship All-Star Team

Outside Hitter: Bethania de La Cruz (Dominican Republic)

Outside Hitter: Aurea Cruz (Puerto Rico)

Middle Blocker: Sinead Jack (Trinidad & Tobago)

Middle Blocker: Candida Perez (Dominican Republic)

Opposite: Kelly Murphy (United States)

Setter: Alisha Glass (United States)

Libero: Janie Guimond (Canada)


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