Joanna Wolosz: “Busto Arsizio, the best choice for me”

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1234537_516859461732616_1455739116_nA new setter of Unendo YamamaY Busto Arsizio Joanna Wolosz: polish player, after two seasons in Bielsko Biala is arrived in Italy for making much more experience and for helping Uyba to achieve even better results.  

Cristina Gatti – Ph Fabio Cucchetti, Luca Renoldi.

When, where and why did you start to play volleyball? 

Ciao! I started to play volley in Elblag, I chose it because also my brother played volley so I watched how he played and I fell in love in this  sport.

And why setter?

It was not my choice to be a setter, my first coach gave me this position because I was not so tall when I started to play. I was 159 cm, like libero.

Talk about your experiences in Poland, above all in Wroclaw and Bielsko-Biala. 

I don’t have to much experience. Wroclaw has been the first professional team where I played and after sport school it has been really the best choice for me because I played all the time and learned so much. After 2 seasons in Wroclaw I went to BKS Bielsko Biała and also there I spent good time. I played at little higher level and with very good players like Natalia Bamber, Agata Sawicka or Milada Bergrova.. It has been really good time for me.

Why did  you choose Busto Arsizio? 

Play in Italian league it has always been my dream and when I heard that they wanted me I was so happy and I didn’t think to much if  I should go or not. So, I made decision so fast. For me the Italian league is one of the best in Europe and here you can learn more than anywhere.

DS4_6726_resizeWhich are your goals for next season in Italy?

Mmm I want to be much better than now and get a lot of experience here. And I hope that I can help my new team to win medal!

It’s your first experience outsite Poland. Are you worried?

Of course I’m worried, it’s my first time outside Poland but I hope that it will be good. I will try to learn Italian language to have better contact with other players and coaches. I’m worried but it’s my dream so now I want to give my best.

What is your strong point? What do you think you can improve?

I don’t know what is my strong point… Maybe.. I like to make tip in secound touch! I don’t know, really. And for sure I can improve everything..I think, I must. For example to set the high ball  much better than now.

Have you got a favourite volleyball player (a role model in volleyball)?

My idol is Fofao the brasilian setter. I think she is still  the best setter in the world and I would like play just  at 50% of her possibilities.

Ita-Pol_128Talk about your experience in National team (Wgp, European championships).

What about national team.. In this season we didn’t play so good. We had new team and new coach, so I think we need time. But I hope that in near future we’ll start to be better team and  to win something.

Which are for U the best quality for a setter?

I think the best setter should have everything. But I think the most important thing is to have charisma and create game.

 What do you like to do most of all, except playing volleyball? Your biggest hobby..

I don’t do nothing special after practice. I haven’t got special hobbies like horse riding or collect stamps. In free time I like rest, meet with friends, go to the cinema, shopping. Normal things..

Which is your sport dream?

My sport dream? Olimpic games. My dream like playing in Italy came true, so maybe also this one  will come true.. Maybe in the future ? I hope!

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